Quartz Crystals

Quartz crystals are used in a wide range of electronic applications. The High Q factor of the quartz means that tight stabilities can be achieved; this is key to ensuring microprocessor timing circuits work correctly within customer’s designs. IQD offers an extensive range of Quartz Crystals covering both surface mount and legacy leaded devices that satisfy most applications; many devices are suitable for custom designs. Our range includes:

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Standard Quartz Crystals

  • Wide range of package sizes down to 1.5 x 1mm including SMD
  • Frequencies from 10kHz to 250MHz
  • Frequency tolerances down to ±5ppm
  • Frequency stabilities down to ±5ppm
  • Operating temperature ranges up to -55 to 200°C
  • High shock and vibration versions
  • Statek Crystals for Industrial, Medical & Military Applications
  • Industrial Crystals to AEC-Q200

 High specification AT-Cut Quartz Crystals

  • Wide Frequency Range:
  • 10 to 42MHz at fundamental mode
  • 35 to 125MHz at 3rd Overtone
  • 70 to 175MHz at 5th Overtone
  • Package Types: UM1, HC49
  • Tight Adjustment Tolerance @ 25°C down to ±3ppm
  • Low Ageing down to 0.5ppm per year
  • Temperature stability down to 5ppm @ 0 to 70°C and 15ppm @ -40 to 85°C
  • Excellent Phase Noise including high frequencies above 100MHz (5th Overtone)

Quartz crystal

Automotive Quartz Crystals to AEC-Q200/TS16949

  • Range of package sizes down to 3.2 x 2.5mm including SMD
  • Frequencies from 3 to 100MHz
  • Frequency Tolerances down to ±10ppm
  • Frequency Stabilities down to ±15ppm
  • Operating temperature ranges up to -40 to 125°C

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