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Corona Virus

Dear Valued Customers

We understand that our supply chain partners need official approval to resume operations from the Security Supervision Office in each region. Our supply chain partners have applied for permission to resume operations, officials from the Security Supervision Office will visit our partners and can grant or deny permission to resume operations.

Therefore we can only assume that there will be restrictions in place until at least February 17th. IQD Frequency Products treats the current outbreak of the virus, classified by the WHO as an international health emergency, as a case of force majeure.

IQD Frequency Products continues to work with our supply chain partners and we are constantly re-evaluating the situation. We anticipate we will have further information and updates after 17th February. In the mean-time, if you have any questions please contact our Sales Office.

Technology Partnerships


IQD is a global authorised distributor for Statek Corporation’s highly specialised photolithographic process based quartz crystals, oscillators and sensors that offer very high environmental performance.

As a previous division of Rakon, IQD maintains a close partnership as a worldwide channel partner supplying Rakon’s specialist high performance oscillators alongside our own range. Rakon’s world leading timing solutions are particularly Rakon newsuitable for synchronising connectivity in telecom and network infrastructure, GPS positioning and satellite applications.