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IQD News Posts September 2008

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LVPECL telecomms oscillator ensures high data integrity at fast transfer rates

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Posted: 22nd September 2008
Electronica, Munich, 11-14 November 2008: Hall B6, Stand 264 - IQD Frequency Products unveils a quartz crystal oscillator with complementary LVPECL (low-voltage positive emitter coupled logic) output, designed for use in telecommunications exchange equipment and other high-speed data switching applications. The new CFPS-59 SPXO (simple packaged crystal oscillator) is… Read More

IQD enhances real-time clock performance for process control and portable devices

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Posted: 15th September 2008
A new range of "watch crystal" oscillators offering a four-fold improvement in stability over previous-generation devices is introduced by IQD Frequency Products. Providing output at the standard watch crystal frequency of 32.768 kHz - divisible to precisely the 1Hz requirement of a real-time clock - the CFPS-107/108/109 oscillator series offers stability down to 20ppm… Read More