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IQD unveils new miniature quartz crystal oscillator

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Posted: 12th October 2009
In response to latest generation electronic designs where size and space is all important, IQD has introduced a new miniature quartz crystal oscillator measuring just 3.2 x 2.5mm in a ceramic package with a hermetically sealed metal lid. The CFPS-39 offers an HCMOS output, operating from a 3.3V supply with both commercial (–10 to +70°C) and industrial (–40 to +85°C)… Read More

IQD Sign Leading Californian Rep Company

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Posted: 14th August 2009
IQD Frequency Products have signed a Rep agreement with California based MicroElec Technical Inc. MicroElec serve OEMs in a broad range of markets including: Networking and Telecoms (both wired and wireless), Medical, Biotechnology, Energy, Military, Security, Consumer and Industrial. The agreement covers Northern California and Northern Nevada. IQD’s Sales Director… Read More

Latest Generation of Surface Mount Watch Crystals Introduced

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Posted: 21st May 2009
IQD has launched its latest generation of surface mountable watch crystals, the CFPX-217 series which has replaced the CFPX-206. The CFPX-217 operates at a fundamental frequency of 32.768kHz and is housed in an industry standard ceramic package with metal lid and measuring just 3.2 x 1.5 x 0.9mm. With a standard frequency tolerance of ±20ppm and driving a 12.5pF load the… Read More

New Ultra Miniature Quartz Crystal Range

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Posted: 11th May 2009
IQD Frequency Products has launched a new range of ultra miniature quartz crystals measuring only 2.0 x 1.6 x 0.35mm. The CFPX-188 series crystals are designed for use in consumer electronics and computing applications. Built around a fundamental AT cut quartz crystal whose angle has been optimized for a specific frequency/ temperature performance the CFPX-188 uses a… Read More

IQD Sign New Rep at the ‘Technologies Hi-Tech’ Show in Tel Aviv

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Posted: 24th March 2009
IQD Frequency Products have signed a Rep agreement with Israel based Star-Rep at the Technologies Hi-Tech trade show in Tel Aviv. Star-Rep is a leading semiconductor representative company with a strong emphasis on technical support, customer satisfaction, distribution management and supplier relations. "Star-Rep is a highly respected company with a long history of… Read More

IQD Sign Specialist Technical Distributor

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Posted: 26th February 2009
Frequency products manufacturer IQD have signed a new distribution agreement with DIP International Ltd. Cambridge based DIP are a technical distribution company focused on design opportunities and offer local technical and sales support in the UK, Ireland and France. DIP represents a range of manufacturers that specialise in highly integrated semiconductors for the… Read More

Miniature Crystals Offer High Stability & Low Ageing in Size/Cost Constrained Consumer Applications

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Posted: 4th February 2009
IQD Frequency Products has launched a new range of low-cost miniature quartz crystals for use as timing sources in consumer electronics and computing applications. The new CFPX-181 series is available in a range of fundamental frequencies from 16.0MHz to 50MHz. Housed in a hermetically sealed, four-pad ceramic SMD package measuring just 2.5 x 2.1mm, the CFPX-181 series… Read More