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IQD launches new range of high specification AT-cut crystals

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Posted: 27th October 2011
IQD Frequency Products has launched a new range of high specification quartz crystals for specialist applications such as military, radar and pagers. Manufactured at its IQD FOQ division in Germany, the crystals are available in a variety of package styles including UM1, HC49, HC43CW (TO8) and HC45CW. For the highest possible ‘Q’ factor, customers should specify the Cold… Read More

IQD’s new design SMD OCXO delivers high stability combined with low phase noise

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Posted: 13th June 2011
IQD have unveiled their new IQOV-90 series high stability low phase noise OCXO. Designed and manufactured in Germany at their IQD FOQ GmbH facility, the new OCXO offers a range of outputs and supply voltages across a frequency range of 10 to 40MHz. Improvements in the oscillator circuit design have reduced the typical phase noise to -98dBc/Hz@1Hz and -152dBc/Hz@1kHz with… Read More

IQD launches miniature telemetry crystal

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Posted: 21st April 2011
IQD has launched a new quartz crystal, the CX-16 series which is designed for use in medical implantable devices. The new device is specifically targeted at applications in the fast growing medical RF telemetry market. Housed in a hermetically sealed ceramic package, the tiny crystal measures just 2.0 x 1.2 x 0.4mm and is manufactured using a photolithographic and… Read More

IQD Frequency Products appoints leading distributor in China

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Posted: 10th March 2011
IQD have signed a distribution agreement with leading Chinese distributor Beijing Favor Technology Co Ltd. Based in Beijing with offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Wuhan and Hong Kong, Favor will distribute IQD’s comprehensive range of frequency control products throughout China with particular emphasis on new design opportunities. Favor were previously a distributor for FOQ… Read More