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IQD launches miniature telemetry crystal

Posted: 21st April 2011

Miniature telemetry quartz crystal

IQD has launched a new quartz crystal, the CX-16 series which is designed for use in medical implantable devices. The new device is specifically targeted at applications in the fast growing medical RF telemetry market.

Housed in a hermetically sealed ceramic package, the tiny crystal measures just 2.0 x 1.2 x 0.4mm and is manufactured using a photolithographic and chemical milling processes and then sealed within a ceramic package for high stability and low aging.

Initially offered in frequencies of 24MHz and 26.5MHz, other frequencies are being developed throughout 2011 including 32.768kHz. The CX-16 offers a calibration tolerance of +/-5ppm and will deliver temperature stabilities of +/-10ppm over the commercial operating temperature range of -10 to +70 degrees C and +/-30ppm over the extended military temperature range of -55 to +125 degrees C.

The ceramic package with glass lid design prevents out-gassing and contamination which is crucial to achieving its excellent ageing characteristic of better than +/-3ppm max over the first year. This low ageing performance is crucial when used in medical RF telemetry applications. The specific C0/C1 ratio, Q and ESR levels which the CX-16 crystal can meet ensures that it is suitable for medical applications where remote communication between devices such as pacemakers and defibrillators etc and consultants/medical support staff is required.

Further information is available from IQD sales offices or on their multilingual website at www.iqdfrequencyproducts.com.

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IQD launches miniature telemetry crystal