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New Miniature Low Power TCXO from IQD

Posted: 21st March 2016

New Miniature IQXT-270 Low Power TCXO from IQDHoused in an ultra-miniature 2.0 x 1.6 x 0.8mm hermetically sealed ceramic package, IQD’s new IQXT-270 series of TCXOs (Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators), employs an analogue ASIC for the oscillator and a high order temperature compensation circuit. With a maximum current consumption of only 2.2mA, the IQXT-270 offers stabilities down to ±0.5ppm over an operating temperature range of -40 to 85 degrees C with a clipped sinewave output. Operating from 1.8 to 3.0V, the new range is available in three options: TCXO, VCTCXO & TCXO with enable/disable function, all across a frequency range of 13 to 52MHz. The version with the enable/disable option only requires a standby current of typically ‹0.01µA, which is ideal for battery operated equipment. Start-up time from the power mode is only 2ms max whilst the VCTCXO (Voltage Controlled Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator) option has a pullability of between 6ppm to 30ppm. Typical phase noise at 100kHz would be -151dBc/Hz.

The IQXT-270's ultra-miniature footprint and low power consumption makes this new TCXO ideally suited for battery operated applications including GPS mobile applications including Portable Navigation Devices as well as Ethernet, Smart wireless devices, Wi-Fi, WiMax and WLAN applications. The full specification and data sheet is available at www.iqdfrequencyproducts.com

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New Miniature IQXT-270 Low Power TCXO from IQD


New Miniature Low Power TCXO from IQD