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IQD presents ICPT-1 Atomic Clock

IQD presents its new atomic clock ICPT-1

Posted: 7th June 2023
IQD present ICPT-1, its chip scale atomic clock (CSAC). The ICPT-1 uses the Coherent Population Trap (CPT) method to obtain a very stable frequency and is the perfect addition to IQD’s rubidium oscillator portfolio. While common rubidium oscillators detect the atomic transition with the help of a rubidium discharge lamp (Rb lamp), the ICPT-1 uses a laser to induce… Read More

IQXC-240 - Ultra Miniature Quartz Crystal only 0.33mm high

Ultra miniature Quartz Crystal only 0.33mm high

Posted: 23rd May 2023
IQD Frequency Products offers one of the world’s smallest quartz crystals, the IQXC-240, which measures just 1.2 x 1.0mm with a height of only 0.33mm. The IQXC-240 is available in frequencies between 36MHz and 80MHz and is ideal for applications where space is at a premium such as IoT, VGA, USB and Wi-Fi. Frequency stabilities can be specified as low as ±10ppm over the… Read More

IQD presents ultra-miniature LVDS / LVPECL oscillators

IQD Ultra-miniature LVDS/LVPECL clock oscillators

Posted: 12th April 2023
One of the world’s smallest LVDS / LVPECL oscillators The demand for smaller, higher performance and more reliable electronic solutions is ever-growing. This is driving frequency product manufacturers to produce even smaller, higher frequency devices to reach design goals and support downsizing PCBs. IQD presents its newest LVDS / LVPECL clock oscillators, the IQXO-406 &… Read More

IQD extends range of -40 to 125°C crystals to meet the demands of new product designs

Posted: 27th March 2023
Components capable of withstanding high operating temperatures are increasingly in demand, and it is not just by engineers working on the traditional high temperature or extreme applications, for example downhole. This trend is partly driven by IC manufacturers, who often design one chipset suitable for both industrial and automotive applications, and by the increased… Read More

Extended Temperature Range for TCXOs in Extreme Conditions

Extended Temperature Range for TCXOs in Extreme Conditions

Posted: 9th February 2023
  IQD’s IQXT-200 and IQXT-210 TCXOs now offer an extended operating temperature range of -40 to 105°C with exceptionally tight stability. This wide temperature range is particularly appropriate for applications that are exposed to extreme environments and high temperatures such as portable radio systems for fire fighters, oil & gas industries and IoT. However, it is not… Read More

National Apprenticeship Week at IQD

National Apprenticeship Week at IQD

Posted: 6th February 2023
  At IQD we’ve appreciated the mutually beneficial arrangement of apprenticeships for a long time. Offering real-life working opportunities to young people working towards valuable accreditations whilst at college. It’s a win:win! The apprentice learns AND earns at the same time – whilst we gain a trained member of the team. Currently, at IQD we are helping two students… Read More