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IQD joins the White Rabbit Collaboration

Posted: 14th June 2024

IQD joins the White Rabbit Collaboration

IQD joins the White Rabbit Collaboration, an initiative launched by CERN, to provide quantum-precision timing and synchronisation

Within the framework of the WR Collaboration, IQD is working closely with GMV and CERN:  the latter are at advanced prototyping stages of the development of a new White Rabbit Switch Version 4 , while IQD is adding holdover function to the switch by developing an expansion board product containing IQD’s ICPT-1 rubidium oscillator, a quantum atomic clock.

The ICPT-1 provides security and accuracy of signal continuity in case of temporary signal losses with its exceptional holdover ability, and can enable stability of accurate signals down to the picosecond level. This is the first time that holdover has been addressed in the open-source White Rabbit Switch device, and IQD is at the forefront of this technology.

Technical director, Nick Amey, explains “We are honoured to be a member of the White Rabbit Collaboration and to provide this technology as open-source for the benefit of global standardisation. Large data transfer networks such as financial and trading systems, security and navigation networks, and satellite communications all require sub-nanosecond accuracy, stability and holdover, and we are proud that our products are part of maintaining these global standards.”

“As IQD is at the forefront of developing this technology, we have the opportunity to address real industry requirements and we look forward to partnering with network managers to discover what level of holdover is necessary to make this technology useful, such as how many picoseconds holdover is required and for how long?”

“We very much look forward to working with IQD and GMV to deliver the new White Rabbit Switch with enhanced holdover capabilities. It’s great to have them on board, as founding members of the White Rabbit Collaboration, an initiative created to support the uptake by industry of the WR technology and foster its impact on society.” Says Javier Serrano, Chair of the White Rabbit Collaboration Board and co-inventor of the technology at CERN.

The WR Switch Version 4 commercial product development programme is part of the quantum positioning, navigation, and timing systems program, with funding from the UK Government via Innovate UK.

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