Part Change Notifications

Part Renaming Project


Please note that as part of the process of updating and amending our part numbering system, we will be removing the packaging identifier from a number of our parts, effective 15th December 2023.

A full list of the parts affected can be found below:


Product and Process Change Notification - PPCN0396- PDF

Part Numbers Affected - Spreadsheet

Please note this will be an ongoing process as we migrate the different IQD models across to the new format.

The Datasheets will be updated on our website to reflect this change in due course.

We apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause but please be assured there is no change to fit, form or function of the product, this is purely a part numbering change.

If you have any questions regarding these planned changes please do not hesitate to contact us at IQD.


Please see below PCNs that have been issued so far:

PPCN0361 - CFPX-217

Product and Process Change Notification - CFPX-217- PDF

Part Numbers Affected - CFPX-217 - Spreadsheet

PPCN0362 - IQXC-217

Product and Process Change Notification - IQXC-217- PDF

Part Numbers Affected - IQXC-217 - Spreadsheet

PPCN0363 - 85SMX

Product and Process Change Notification - 85SMX - PDF

Part Numbers Affected - 85SMX - Spreadsheet