Part Change Notifications

Part Renaming Project

By reviewing and amending our part number format, we are aiming to streamline the processes and improve the efficiency of the operational and business functions at IQD. This will also simplify the ordering process through the consolidation of multiple part numbers.

From 1st February 2023, IQD will gradually remove the package identifier from the part number i.e. Reel, RL3k, Cutt, Bulk.

We will be making these changes gradually by model. Please see below PCNs that have been issued so far:

PPCN0361 - CFPX-217

Product and Process Change Notification - CFPX-217 - PDF

Part Numbers Affected - CFPX-217 - Spreadsheet

PPCN0362 - IQXC-217

Product and Process Change Notification - IQXC-217 - PDF

Part Numbers Affected - IQXC-217 - Spreadsheet

PPCN0363 - 85SMX

Product and Process Change Notification - 85SMX - PDF

Part Numbers Affected - 85SMX - Spreadsheet