Testing Capabilities

Test Capabilities for Crystals & Oscillators

IQD has a dedicated test laboratory which supports customer design enquiries and offers application support.

The aim of this test facility is to help customers with design projects from initial design through to volume production, with full testing and problem-solving where required. With IQD’s extensive expertise in frequency products and various testing capabilities, we strive to provide a service that is more than you expect.

IQD Test Laboratory for Frequency ProductsIQD has over twenty lab benches dedicated to supporting customers from design stage through to full production. As part of IQD’s services, the team can evaluate customer's PCBs, measure start-up time at specific temperatures, monitor long term frequency stability or measure sub ppb changes correlated with weather.

Engineering Support Services for Frequency Products

Our engineering teams offer a range of customer services including: find out more here

  • Application support
  • Custom product design
  • Sample development
  • Electrical testing & screening
  • Crystal test data for electrical modelling
  • Frequency/temperature testing
  • Accelerated ageing
  • Circuit characterisation
  • MTIE/TDEV testing

Together with existing equipment, IQD can create or adjust test fixtures for bespoke requirements. IQD’s engineering and sales teams are happy to discuss other customer-specific testing requirements for individual applications and designs.

Got a question?

Our dedicated technical sales team and application support specialists are available to provide information and assistance. Feel free to reach out with any queries or to discuss your specific project requirements. info@IQDfrequencyproducts.com


For information on IQD’s services, view our test capabilities flyer attached HERE.