Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillators (VCXOs) are used mainly in the telecom, test and broadcast industry. They enable customers to adjust the frequency by as much as ±150ppm while the circuit is active and so match an incoming signal. IQD’s VCXO’s are available with a wide range of pullabilities and outputs; they are normally used in conjunction with a phase locked loop. We offer a wide capability and can consider custom designs for specific applications. Our VCXO range includes:

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  • Custom design capabilities

  • Low phase noise down to -152dBc/Hz@10kHz

  • Range of package sizes down to 2.5 x 2.0mm including SMD and hermetically sealed packages for harsh environments

  • Supply voltages from 2.5 to 5.0V

  • Frequencies from 1 to 1500MHz

  • HCMOS, LVPECL, TTL & CMOS output compatibility

  • Frequency Stabilities down to ±10ppm

  • Operating temperature ranges up to -40 to +85°C

  • Pullability up to ±250ppm

  • Ideal for consumer & telecommunications infrastructure applications


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