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Quartz crystals are used in a wide range of electronic applications that require timing devices. The quality of the quartz crystal blank is critical to the performance of quartz crystal units and the high Q factor of quartz means that tight stabilities can be achieved; this is key to ensuring microprocessor timing circuits work correctly within customer’s designs. IQD has been a quartz crystal (XTAL) supplier for 50 years and offers a comprehensive range of quartz crystals covering both surface mount (SMD) and legacy thru-hole quartz crystal units that satisfy virtually all applications.

Our range includes various types of crystal (xtal) units from simple watch crystals (xtals) to high performance crystals for industrial and medical applications including high shock and vibration versions that operate over extended operating temperature ranges up to -55 to 200°C. We offer a wide choice of package sizes down to 1.55 x 0.95mm, frequency tolerance and temperature stability down to 5ppm, frequencies from 10kHz to 250MHz and models that satisfy specialist requirements such as low aging and low phase noise. In addition, our range of automotive crystals to AEC-Q200 and TS16949 are available with PPAP levels 1 to 5.

IQD is also a global authorised distributor for Statek Corporation’s highly specialised photolithographic process based quartz crystals, oscillators and sensors that offer very high environmental performance.

Our technical information pages includes a range of application notes for quartz crystals including 'Quartz Based Frequency Products Shelf Life', 'Quartz Crystal Ageing', 'Quartz Crystal Handling Precautions', 'Quartz Crystals' and 'Timekeeping with Quartz Crystals'.

Our crystal (XTAL) datasheets are available from the Quartz Crystal parametric search page.