Sustainability & The Environment


IQD believes sustainability integrates environmental, economic and social considerations, and are committed to creating a healthy, thriving and sustainable business for our long-term future.

To build a sustainable future

Our Responsibility

We operate on a global scale and are conscious of our shared responsibilities. Alongside our commitment to long-term corporate success we believe we have an obligation to protect and preserve society and the environment, for our customers, employees and suppliers.

Our plans and sustainability best practice will be incorporated into our company strategy and culture. We have already accurately measured our carbon footprint across scopes 1, 2 and 3 and are defining our plans to address the source of our emissions. Our sustainability goals for the next 5 years include:

  • reducing air transport emissions by 20%
  • developing green supply chains
  • and improving working conditions by involving and inspiring our employees and suppliers.

Our aim is to review and continuously improve our sustainability policies and plans so that we continuously improve the sustainability of our business..

Our Understanding

We respect the serious issues associated with sustainability; countering the effects of climate change, for instance, requires consistent, sustainable policy and action.

International standards like the Paris Climate Agreement and the three-pillar sustainability model (social, ecological and economic) serve as our guides for taking action. These three topics are examined holistically and are inevitably interlinked. Our sustainability plans will identify the areas of action pertinent to IQD’s business model and are an evolutionary process. 

Our Strategy

With its emphasis on holistic growth, IQD’s strategic framework will incorporate awareness of our sustainability policies and responsibilities. We want to be a climate-neutral business, responsibly using the Earth’s scarce resources, and increase our positive contribution to social development.

In implementing our plans, we have focused on three areas of activity: product and service, resource and environment, and people and society, and will measure our success based on these parameters.

In our view, sustainability is about our global future, and that of future generations, not just about today. IQD has an open company strategy; we believe cohesion promotes community, keeps us inspired, and enables us to advance more quickly towards a completely sustainable corporate strategy. We can only create and preserve a sustainable future by working together.

Sustainability icons IQD Frequency Products

Our Actions 

Product & Service

The business of electronics has a significant impact on sustainability in the era of global connectedness and digitization. Frequency control products, quartz crystals and oscillators from IQD are found in many innovative, electronic designs. We continue to examine the components of our products and production techniques with improving sustainability in mind. With collaboration within our supply chain, we aim to offer sustainable, resource- and energy-saving solutions through attention and innovation in this area.

Resources & Environment

The appropriate use of resources has always been a key principle at IQD; our sustainability teams consistently drive for improvements with measures including reduction and reuse of packaging materials, recycling, minimising pollution, reducing carbon emissions and digitising processes to improve energy efficiency. Our corporate strategy includes environmental and climate protection, which is supported by management systems and certifications in accordance with ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

People & Society

IQD is committed to social responsibility through its corporate culture of education, promotion and diversity. Our commitment to treating one another fairly is centred on the development and well-being of our employees. Additionally, we place a priority on ethical business conduct and establishing long-term partnerships in our interactions with clients and partners throughout the supply chain.

We believe in educating and training our employees regarding their environmental impacts and in empowering them to take action on climate change in both their working and home lives.

IQD Environmental Policy PDF