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Unlock the Power of 32.768kHz: Choosing Crystals in Electronic Design

Unlock the Power of 32.768kHz: Choosing Crystals in Electronic Design

Posted: 13th November 2023
  Electronic devices, from wristwatches to microcontrollers and even communication networks, rely on the heartbeat of a crystal. And 32.768kHz is the frequency that stands out as a cornerstone in the field of electronics. Why 32.768kHz Matters At the heart of many electronic devices, there is a 32.768kHz crystal. This specific frequency is not arbitrary but rather a… Read More

IQD - Our Sustainable Future

IQD - Our Sustainable Future

Posted: 10th October 2023
  At IQD, we're excited to share our commitment to sustainability, a journey that integrates environmental, economic, and social considerations. Our belief is simple: We're not just building a business; we're creating a healthy, thriving, and sustainable future for generations to come. Our Responsibility: We operate on a global scale, and with that comes a shared… Read More

6 Key Parameters to Quartz Crystal Specification

6 Key Parameters to Quartz Crystal Specification

Posted: 17th August 2023
When it comes to designing and optimizing electronic circuits, specifying the right quartz crystal is a critical step that can significantly impact performance. With a plethora of options available, understanding the key parameters is essential to ensure your application functions flawlessly. Let's dive into the six vital factors to keep in mind when specifying quartz… Read More

How a few picoFarads can ruin your timing accuracy...

How a few Pico Farads can ruin your timing accuracy

Posted: 19th June 2023
Quartz crystals are widely used in electronic applications because of their accurate frequency. The demand for high precision clock frequencies is increasing, particularly owing to IoT, 5G and Industry 4.0. However, just a few mistakes during the design-in process can ruin the entire frequency accuracy of the quartz crystal. What influence does load capacitance have on… Read More

Does size really matter? – Design effect of crystal downsizing

Product range picture

Posted: 16th January 2023
Miniaturisation is an ongoing trend in the electronic industry. Wearables, smart home devices, mobile devices, electronics in automotive applications... - these are just a few examples of applications that require more and more smaller components. Every manufacturer of electronic components is working to bring smaller and smaller components onto the market. But this size… Read More

Out of This World Timing!

IQD Frequency Products - Out of This World Timing!

Posted: 9th January 2023
As current technology becomes more complicated, it is becoming increasingly difficult for a single person or business to handle the design and development of a new product on their own. To successfully develop a new product, engineers therefore approach external designers and engineers to collaborate on solutions. The following article describes one case where IQD… Read More