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6 Key Parameters to Quartz Crystal Specification

Posted: 17th August 2023

6 Key Parameters to Quartz Crystal Specification

When it comes to designing and optimizing electronic circuits, specifying the right quartz crystal is a critical step that can significantly impact performance. With a plethora of options available, understanding the key parameters is essential to ensure your application functions flawlessly. Let's dive into the six vital factors to keep in mind when specifying quartz crystals:

  1. Frequency (kHz or MHz): Selecting the appropriate frequency is the cornerstone of your crystal choice. It dictates the speed and timing accuracy of your circuit. Whether your project demands kilohertz (kHz) or megahertz (MHz) operation, make sure to align the crystal frequency with your application's requirements.
  2. Package Size and Type: The physical packaging of the crystal can influence the space efficiency and ease of integration into your design. Whether surface mounted device (SMD) or through-hole, choosing the right package size and type ensures seamless integration while minimizing any spatial constraints.
  3. Frequency Tolerance: A measure of the accuracy at room temperature (25 degC), usually measured in ppm.
  4. Frequency Stability: A measure of how stable the frequency is at fluctuating temperatures. Both tolerance and stability define how closely the crystal's oscillation matches the desired frequency, under varying environmental conditions.
  5. Operating Temperature Range: Electronics are often exposed to a range of temperatures, and your crystal's performance must remain consistent throughout. Specify a crystal that operates reliably within your application's temperature range to avoid undesirable shifts in performance.
  6. Load Capacitance: Achieving optimal performance requires accounting for the load capacitance of the crystal. This parameter affects the frequency accuracy and can be fine-tuned for best performance in your specific circuit.

Information on crystal specification can be found in our YouTube video https://youtu.be/PSP2KDI2jVM?t=454 and in our informative application note How to Specify - IQD, which outlines these parameters in detail and offers valuable guidance for selecting the ideal quartz crystal for your application.

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Remember, the right crystal specification can unlock optimum performance and reliability for your electronic designs. Master these key parameters, and you'll be well-equipped to navigate the complex world of quartz crystals.