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IQD launches possibly the smallest

Posted: 9th November 2010

Smallest quartz crystal

The latest addition to IQD’s comprehensive frequency product range, the CX-18, is believed to be the smallest and lightest surface-mount crystal in the world. Housed in a hermetically sealed ceramic package, the tiny quartz crystal measures just 1.55 x 0.95 x 0.35mm with a typical weight of 1.8mg. Frequencies can be specified between 30MHz and 50MHz with frequency temperature stabilities of +/-10ppm over the commercial operating temperature range of 0 to +70 degrees C and +/-30ppm over the extended military temperature range of -55 to +125 degrees C.

The ceramic package with glass lid design prevents out-gassing and contamination which is crucial to achieving its excellent ageing characteristic of better than +/-1ppm over the first year. This low ageing performance is crucial when used in invasive medical applications.

The CX-18 is particularly suitable for use in telemetry for implantable pacemakers (CRT’s). The wireless remote control of an RF pacemaker allows doctors to communicate the results of specific parameters, capture the threshold results from the atrium or the ventricle for instance and to alert clinics by sending information directly to the monitoring equipment. This crystal can also be used in hearing aids, cochlear implants, defibrillators and for retina implantable systems that use camera technology.

Further details will be available at IQD’s stand 215 in Hall B5 at Electronica 2010.

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IQD launches possibly the smallest