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The Symphony of Oscillators

Posted: 19th September 2023

The Symphony of Oscillators

In this imaginitively titled webinar: 'The Symphony of Oscillators: Harmonizing Signals for Success' we learn how best-practice PCB design can reduce unwanted phase noise.

Frequency products are the heartbeat of most electronic circuits and play a crucial role in their symphony. However, if there is something we do not want in our electronic symphony then it is NOISE! This presentation will give some insights into the integration of an oscillator into the symphony. Beginning with the choice of oscillator, looking at various types of unwanted noise and the measures that can be taken to optimize the design up to specific PCB layout recommendations - all to harmonize your oscillator with all your signals to ensure your success at the EMI test lab! 

YouTube (EN): https://buff.ly/3PHiC85

YouTube (DE): https://buff.ly/3LtU8Nc

This FREE one-hour presentation is produced by WE partnered with Digi-Key Electronics.