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Situation In Ukraine

Posted: 4th March 2022

Dear customers,

The situation in Ukraine is changing daily, new sanctions are initiated and the impact on the economy is only partly predictable. Therefore it is important for us to be in close contact with our customers.

IQD Frequency Products Ltd have no production in the affected areas and therefore we assume that at the moment the war in Ukraine will not have a direct impact on our supply chains. Nevertheless, there may be more general problems in our supply chains over which we have no direct control. Due to the fact that these are force majeure events and out of our control we cannot be held liable for any delay costs and damages, as a result of the situation in Ukraine.

We are monitoring the situation so that we can take appropriate action in the event that the operation of our supply chains become problematic. Should the information and the supply chain situation change significantly, we will of course inform you as soon as possible.

The team at IQD are very concerned for the people of Ukraine and we keep them in our thoughts. Our fantastic colleague Flo has been selling ribbons made by local school children to raise money for the Disaster Emergency Committee.