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New Ultra Miniature Quartz Crystal Range

Posted: 11th May 2009

Ultra Miniature Quartz Crystal

IQD Frequency Products has launched a new range of ultra miniature quartz crystals measuring only 2.0 x 1.6 x 0.35mm. The CFPX-188 series crystals are designed for use in consumer electronics and computing applications. Built around a fundamental AT cut quartz crystal whose angle has been optimized for a specific frequency/ temperature performance the CFPX-188 uses a flexible mounting structure to withstand shock and vibration. Utilizing quartz with a thickness of around 0.05mm at 30MHz the CFPX-188 uses evaporated silver electrodes with the quartz being held in place with a conductive adhesive. The CFPX-188 crystals are suitable for use in applications where space is an issue such as set-top boxes, personal video recorders (PVRs), games consoles and smart card readers.

Available in a range of fundamental frequencies from 20MHz to 50MHz, the CFPX-188 is housed in a hermetically sealed, four-pad ceramic SMD package and can be specified to stabilities down to ±10ppm over a standard operating temperature range of -10 to +60°C.

"With more and more new designs requiring packages with a small footprint, the CFPX-188 is ideally suited to meet this demand" said IQD's Application Support Manager, Peter Sinclair.

CFPX-188 crystals can be delivered in both bulk-pack and tape-and-reel formats.

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New Ultra Miniature Quartz Crystal Range