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IQD News Posts February 2012

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IQD launch new tight stability ‘Real Time Clock’ at Embedded World 2012

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Posted: 28th February 2012
IQD have launched a newly designed tight stability Real Time Clock (RTC) which incorporates a 32.768kHz crystal with a Digital Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (DTCXO). This Surface Mount RTC is housed in a plastic package with a FR4 base measuring just 10.0 x 7.4mm. The new IQRC-100 series has an I 2 C-Bus* (400kHz) interface with a CMOS output allowing the… Read More

IQD launches new range of ultra-miniature TCXOs

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Posted: 3rd February 2012
IQD have launched a new range of ultra-miniature SMD TCXOs, the IQXT-170 series. Housed in a tiny 2.0 x 1.6 x 0.8mm ceramic package, they are available with a clipped sinewave output with or without a voltage control option. The new ultra-miniture TCXOs are offered with two supply voltages, 2.8V and 3.0V and standard frequencies of 13.0, 19.2, 26.0, 38.4 and 52.0MHz. A… Read More